Restore the council housing stock by buying up unfinished housing while prices are low

Reduce the council housing shortage by buying up empty houses while prices are low and repairing existing housing ; kick start the economy by a country-wide construction completion and repair programme


From the 1980s on giving council housing tenants the right to buy the houses they've lived in for years or decades has let many people own their own home rather than just renting it. However it's also created a shortage of council housing as new council houses have not been bought or repaired at nearly the same rate that existing one have been sold. This has led to long waiting lists for council housing for many people and increased the problem of homelessness.

Since the recession caused by the financial crisis the price of housing has fallen and many partially constructed housing developments have also been left unfinished. While councils have also seen their budgets cut due to the counter-productive austerity policies of the Coalition government, there is still an opportunity here for councils to buy up some housing as new council houses at relatively low prices. This could include asking the Scottish and British governments to contribute to paying construction companies to complete half-finished houses as new Council housing.

Many council houses have also fallen into disrepair and been left empty. Repairing these and making them fit for use again should also be a priority.

South Lanarkshire council could also get together with COSLA (the Council of Scottish Local Authorities) to lobby the Scottish and British governments for funding for these projects and for building moderate numbers of new council houses (or replacement ones for those is such bad repair that they need to be demolished) in order to create jobs, kick start the economy and reduce the Council housing shortage.

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