End cruelty against children and animals

Measures to help the NSPCC and Social Workers end cruelty against children

Parents who carry out acts of extreme cruelty against children or kill their own children through violence or neglect should have any more children they have adopted with or without their consent at birth and found loving parents through adoption.

Social workers are much maligned but caught in a double bind. If they investigate possible cruelty to children and find there is none they're vilified. If they fail to and children are cruelly treated they're vilified too. They are severely restricted in their powers to investigate to find if cruelty or abuse is going on though. They should be given more powers to help them protect vulnerable children.

On the other hand many state orphanages are unregulated, allowing abuse by staff or of younger children by teenagers. We need more inspectors and more frequent inspections to make sure this doesn't happen.

Measures to help the RSPCA and SSPCA fight cruelty against animals

Currently even the most extreme cruelty or neglect may not result in those responsible being jailed or banned from owning animals in future. This needs to change. The law should also be changed to allow RSPCA, SSPCA and police officers to investigate whether cruelty is taking place more easily.

Ban factory and battery farming

They are cruel and also lead to the spread of diseases like bird flu and swine flu among animals and people. Support the policies and campaigns of Compassion in World Farming.

End vivisection and the testing of cleaning products on animals

Vivisection (cutting animals open while they are still alive and conscious) and the testing of cleaning products on animals should be ended. Support the British Union against Vivisection.

No cull of badgers in Scotland

Culling badgers will not end the spread of TB, which is largely the result of packing too many animals into too small an area. Even if every badger was killed cattle would still spread TB to other cattle.

Adding policies to reduce cruelty to animals was suggested by B.G.Fraser and H.F.Fraser