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Nuclear Weapons and Defence

Nuclear Weapons / Deterrents ?

If the majority of Scots voted for independence in a referendum and independent Scotland would not have any more need for them than Norway has, as long as, like Norway, it didn’t deploy troops abroad. The EU may need them in order to be able to have a foreign policy of it’s own rather than being dependent on the US for nuclear deterrence, but Britain on its own can’t afford them any more. If there was an EU nuclear deterrent it could be afforded by having a joint Anglo-French deterrent force or an EU nuclear deterrent funded by the whole EU. It would not need to be much bigger than the current UK Trident submarine fleet.

Redirect Military spending to the Conventional Forces

so that if the British or Scottish people decide to back UN intervention to prevent genocides such as Rwanda (shamefully not stopped), or have to defend Britain or Scotland against invasion due to unforeseen events in the future, our troops go into battle properly equipped and protected.


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