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Iranian Missile Tests a Response to US & Israeli manouvres, threats and covert Ops - July 2008

Iran’s long range missile tests are being presented as if they were an unprovoked threat against Israel. In fact they’re a response to Israeli exercises involving hundreds of jets threatening air strikes on Iran – along with constant threats of attack from the US government (1). President Bush has also approved more US special forces actions inside Iran including assassinations and terrorist bombings (2), (3), (4).

The missile tests are just a statement by Iran that if attacked by the US and Israel they will defend themselves or counter-attack with missile attacks on Israel and probably Coalition and NATO forces in Iraq and Afghanistan.

American Professor Trita Parsi has shown the Iranian government made a peace offer to the Israeli and US governments in 2003 including signing the non-proliferation treaty, unrestricted access in Iran for IAEA officials, ending support for Hezbollah, Hamas and Islamic Jihad and adopting the 2002 Saudi peace plan under which it would recognise Israel and normalise relations if Israel withdrew from the occupied territories, allowed a Palestinian state and gave half of Jerusalem to that new state (5).

Many people in the Bush administration and the Sharon government wanted to accept, but Bush, Sharon, Cheney and the other warmongers refused.

Much of the media fell into the trap of parroting their governments' lines on Iraq. The results have been horrific - huge numbers of people - Iraqi, British and American have died and more are still dying. Reporting Iranian actions in context, without hype, might avoid another disaster like Iraq and save millions of lives.

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