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Health and Education

End the Private Finance Initiatives/Public Private Partnership Programmes which are leading to cuts in beds and staff numbers in our hospitals and schools and to higher taxes in order to fund hire purchase gone bad on a grand scale. That would allow NHS trusts to employ more fully trained staff in each hospital, allowing shifts to be made shorter, so junior doctors, nurses and untrained auxiliaries aren’t forced to make life or death decisions when too tired to think and remember clearly – and that they’re trained to do the job they’re asked to do in the case of orderlies or auxiliaries. For more on why PFIs and PPPs are bad for taxpayers, staff and patients click here

Ensure history continues to be taught in schools –
and allow children to specialise in any period of history that interests them, rather than being restricted to certain periods taught in the syllabus.
Teach the broad sweep of history and the big events, worldwide, not just certain periods and not just British or Scottish history. Do not use history as a propaganda tool to make people ‘proud to be Scottish’ or ‘proud to be British’ as this leads to a biased and distorted view of historical and current events.

Make Modern Studies about how politics works in practice and the big issues
, not just the minutiae of how MPs are elected.

Use an apprenticeship law and technical colleges to give children who are not academically inclined a way to start learning a trade like engineering, vehicle mechanic, carpenter, joiner, electrician etc. Then, when they’re employed in that trade they can get further education in it.

Don’t assume that children are either academically inclined or else practically inclined though – many may be both.

Teach Grammar in English Lessons to help children learn other languages – Not knowing the grammatical structure of their own language makes it much harder for students to learn other languages (a problem I have myself due to only having had one 1 hour period of grammar in my entire education).


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