Agriculture / Farming

More regulation of the prices paid to farmers by supermarkets which are currently often unfairly low, often so low that farmers are being forced to supply goods at a loss to keep their contracts with supermarkets.

Fairer subsidies – With EU farming subsidies based on hectares of land and head of animals big agricultural businesses and large scale landowners currently get bigger subsidies than struggling small farmers. Small farmers should get bigger subsidies proportional to the size of their farms than large scale farming businesses, funded by a reduction in those for large scale farms. Large scale farms’ subsidies should also be cut to allow third world farmers to compete with them, while the increased subsidies for small farmers would stop them being driven out of business by cheap third world imports.

Subsidies and taxes should favour local produce - Where possible taxes and subsidies should favour local produce rather than produce from further away or from abroad, in order to help native Scottish and British farms and reduce the pollution and climate change caused by transporting food over long distances. Farms should also be offered subsidies and grants if they reduce water pollution and switch to organic production by ending the use of chemical fertilisers and pesticides.

End battery farming of chickens and high density indoor farming of pigs
which are cruel and also lead to the spread of diseases like bird flu and swine flu among animals and people

Switch from monoculture back to multiculture - By mixing many different types of fruit and nut bearing trees and plants along with vegetables and herbs that deter insect pests the output of food per hectare or acre could be greatly increased.