John Gray's Heroes - Number One - Tony Blair - the man whose lies keep costing more lives

It's also interesting to hear who John Gray does support. According to him Tony Blair is a man of great personal bravery and courage who stood up and put his life on the line for his country.

Gray is still in denial about Blair's brazen lying in presenting his own personal claims to parliament and telling us they were assessments made by British intelligence - which , as many MoD intelligence analysts such as Dr. Brian Jonesa have since told us, they were not (1). Gray , like Blair and Bush, blames supposedly bad intelligence for 'mistakes' in order to help get Bush and Blair off the hook.

The original intelligence dossier on Iraq submitted to Blair by the Joint Intelligence Committee said "Saddam is prepared to use chemical and biological weapons if he believes his regime is under threat" - in other words if Iraq wasn't invaded there'd be no chance of Saddam using WMDs. Emails sent by Blair's chief of staff (seen by the Hutton inquiry) suggested re-phrasing this to make it sound as if Saddam would use such weapons "against western forces" even if he wasn't attacked (2). Blair followed this suggestion.

Every intelligence report said Iraq probably had some WMDs left from the 1980s - but they said these were some battlefield chemical munitions (artillery rounds for instance) and that Saddam would not use these weapons unless his country was invaded and on the point of being overthrown (Blair even claimed he didnt know the 45 minute claim referred to battlefield munitions not long ranged missiles even after Robin Cook brought the point up in his resignation speech) (3).

The fact that Saddam wasn't prepared to risk nuclear war by using WMDs against the US, Israel the UK or our allies was established in the 1991 Gulf War when Saddam had dozens of chemical warheads for his scud missiles - but every scud fired by Iraqi forces - including those fired into Israel, instead had conventional warheads (4).

Blair then told parliament there was a threat posed by Saddam's regime and its "active" WMD programmes to Britain and that this threat was "current and serious" (5) As a result hundreds of thousands of people were killed - including British soldiers. They're still dying - and for what? So some "brave" politicians don't have to lose face.

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