Why it was right to make our priority getting our sailors back safely rather than shooting our mouths off about the Iranian government like John Gray

Gray's other reason for calling us "cowards" is that when British sailors and marines were taken hostage by Iranian forces in disputed waters between Iraq and Iran we made our priority getting our people back safely - rather than shooting our mouths off and risking their lives and a war that could have cost many more.

John McDonnell MP took a careful and balanced approach to the 15 sailors taken captive by Iranian forces in the Gulf. On first hearing the news he wrote that both sides had questions to answer about the incident and that the priority was to get our people back safely. Given that all the facts werent available at the time, that there is no clear maritime boundary between Iraq and Iran in the area and that we now know these sailors were sent in dinghies without any covering helicopter in range to protect them - and especially given the risk of war between the US and UK and Iran which could cost hundreds of thousands of lives - some caution was surely appropriate ?

Instead Gray mis-represented McDonnell as "siding with supporters of the Iranian quasi-fascists". John Gray thought the whole of Britain should have been denouncing the Iranians as evil Islamo-fascist pirates - even if this handed an excuse to the Bush administration to drag us into a war on Iran which would have resulted in the death of far more of our troops, far more Americans and far more Iranians in a year than their own government killed in the last decade.

Gray also makes the ludicrous claim that in a dispute between the British and Iranian governments we should give the British government the benefit of the doubt on who's telling the truth. As noted above in the section on Iraq (and below in the section on Blair) the Blair government has a long record of lying to its people which certainly matches (and possibly surpasses) that of most dictatorships. As Craig Murray showed both sides were lying - there is no clear maritime boundary between Iraqi and Iranian waters South of the Shatt Al Arab.

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