Many of Saddam’s former Mukhabarat secret police death squads and torturers now killing and torturing for the coalition and the ‘democratic’ Iraqi government

The new 10,000 strong secret police force established by the Pentagon in Iraq after Bush claimed “the secret police and the torture chambers are gone forever includes many former members of Saddam’s Mukhabarat.

Iyad Allawi – who Bush and Blair backed in the 2005 elections – is a former Mukhabarat assassin.

The ‘special commando units’ trained by the coalition also include former members of the Mukhabarat and officers who were also officers under Saddam - and these units continue to torture and act as death squads just as they did under Saddam.

So when Nick Cohen and members of the British and American governments claim assassinations, torture and killings of civilians are only carried out by enemies of British and American forces in Iraq or “former regime elements” they are wrong (in Nick Cohen’s case) or lying (in the case of members of government) because many of those “former regime elements” are working for the government they installed carrying out the same acts of torture and murder as some of their enemies.

Hadi Saleh and many others murdered by death squads may be victims of those fighting against the coalition and the new “democratic” government – but many of them may instead be victims of those trained by and fighting for it.